A- General

  • What is Quick Buck?

    Quick Buck is a multi block chain and multi stable coin, reflection project. The base is a variety of passive income streams like very high stabel coin reflection, staking and farming combined with an innovative and first of it's kind utility what is governed DAO and deals with start ups and there early stage funding.
    This all based on 5 different major block chains. To make the project so attractive as possible. With the cross chain launch, investors will have the possibility of arbitrage trades between the respected block chains we launching on.

    We will build an web3 portal where holders can decide what our utility/project will invest in and there for what ideas and future projects we support and partner up.
    On top of that we will build an Dapp what will facilitate any random investor to purchase early stage sales as seed or private sales on our platform.
    All maximum secure for both, investors and project developers since we will use a German style vetting procedure for selection of our partners.

    One trendsetting utility we are developing is or multi functional NFTs and the staking of them in our pools.
    It will include functions like reflections, earn mechanism or other functionality for meta verse or P2E integration. We are planning a real live asset use as well. But that's still early planning stages. We will partner for every integration with projects who are specialist on this field to guarantee always a pitch advance against the rest of the market.

  • Who is the Team behind Quick Buck and what is there experience in crypto space?

    Our Core Team is made of 5 members. Our full Quick Buck Team includes at the moment 14 members, tendency rising.

    Mathias is the Founder and CEO of Quick Buck. He is German and an typically one. He have multiple years of experience in the crypto market. Started in early days of BTC as an crypto Entusiast and trader later on. He worked over the past 2 years in multiple big and medium size crypto projects in there respected core teams in different positions. Partner, Brainstorming and Concept Design, CCO, CMO are only a few positions.
    Denny is our CTO in Quick Buck. He is from Canada East Coast. He started as crypto Entusiast but educated steadily with the growing crypto market. He worked in many Core Teams in positions of CMO, CTO and he been Partner as well. With his expertise in technical as well as marketing questions he is an integral part of any project he worked for.
    Litaz is our Brand Manager She is from Portugal. She started her crypto career back in 2010, is specialized in grafic and Webdesign and is our brand specialists in Quick Buck. Frederick is our Community lead He is from South Afrika. His crypto career is the shortest of our Team ( about two years) but he does an amazing job in the community. Is it his communication skills or customer service, shill management or his overall engagement he know how to lead. Zaraki is our web3, Dapp and contract developer He is based in Greece. His crypto career dares back to the earl founding days of BTC. He is an absolute to programmer and an Urgestein in the scene. We are very happy to have him on board. He will guarantee our professional and absolute safe infrastructure.

  • What's the motivation for starting this project?

    We wanted to bring a more safe, high risk investment platform in DAO governance modus on the market since there is obviously lack in the market regarding this.
    We experienced a few start ups in multiple projects we worked in and also know the perspective of an usual investor. We aim to bring them nearer together and fix a little the risk factor in such investments for the investor and create an early community interest to such projects we partner and invest in. These projects get entirely choosen from our holders on an dedicated web3 platform with integrated Dapps for the public as well.
    This concept is absolute innovation and there for needed get backed up with a more traditional passive income system what is build on project revenues. We offer traditional Staking and Lp Farming, cross chain Farming and the possibility for arbitrage trades within our ecosystem. That's all rock solid income ways with different risk categories.
    All that we build on a back of very high stabel coin reflection in multiple leading block chains simultaneously.
    And to fit a little into the trendsetting part we will develop multi functional NFTs with staking possibility.
    All made to give you the most possible safe investment with reasonable but high APR and APY rates.
    Innovation not stops in a political or economic crisis, it develops faster and stronger than in usual times. Anyway, our aim is to benefit both sides of the crypto market. And wanna push with our concept towards multi chain adoption and NFTs for real life use! 

  • What are the Main Features that distinguish Quick Buck from its competitors?

    A- Innovation
    We will throw a few first of it's kind products on the market and we will continue to develop our products to German perfection. Through the innovative character of our products we will be always a little ahead and aim to stay there for a while.
    B- conservative project economy
    We will finance or passive income streams through conservative investment and revenue strategies, we are NOT a project what endless mints new token for ever new rewards. On top we will use surplus revenue for buy backs and buy back burns. We will reach with it an hyper deflationary status
    C- multi chain
    Since our project is build on passive income Streams and there for build on volume rather than price movements, we decided to build our project more visible in the Dex sector. Our volume we will reach through multi block chain launches and cross chain interaction. Here we can bring the best of all major block chains together and combine the different communitys to one. Together we are stronger!
    D- partnerships
    Since our utility deals with start ups and we aim to make NFTs more real live adopted we will need a strong partnership program. We already partnered with projects like InfiniteOne and there huge partner pool as well as with farmageddon and Autobahn along others PRELAUNCH. That gives us a very strong foundation.
    E- market integration
    We aim to build innovative products surrounding our first of it's kind utility as well as our planned multi functionality NFTs and there respected staking pools. But what is an outstanding product without a market? We will use our partnerships to set up new use cases for our utilities than only used thinks have real value.

  • What is the role of token in your ecosystem?

    Our token will be used as investment tool, in our passive income pools, to participate in our DAO platform, book our services and products we sell and after all with the planned crypto debit card we will offer to buy all products and services you can purchase with visa card. Further use cases are in development...

  • B - multi chain/ cross chain

  • What is multi chain?

    Multi chain means to have the same project/token traded and integrated physical in different block chains. They are not wrapped coins who just get traded to the main value of one chain.
    In an multi chain set up the project what usually is based only in one chain will be split up in fractions and deployed on different block chains. The heart is the cross chain pool. Where you easy swap tokens from. One chain to another.
    The prices will have there own dynamics on the different block chains and to balance them we use arbitrage trades to balance them under each other (have always in mind the gas fees)
    That creates an extra trade possibility and is healthy since the trades can stay inside the project and profits can get reinvested.
    Usually such systems are offered on huge exchanges and done with bots. With us you will enjoy the manual version of it.

  • What is the benefit of multi chain adoption for Quick Buck?

    Our project based on passive income Streams and we need for the generation of revenues trade volume. There is two ways to reach high volume,
    nr1 is listing on CEX

    but since we based on an tax system we would prefer option

    nr2 listing on multiple Dex on multiple major block chains. On this way we not only reach a much higher volume as if we would only launching on one major block chain but also a much higher customer base and extra passive income streams.

  • How can I, as a Investor can benefit from the cross chain set up?

    Since higher volume means more reflection for holding the same amount of our token it is sure the best set up for our investors. You can not only trade our token on multiple leading block chains you can try yourself in safe bridging and use this to do arbitrage trades between the block chains. You will balance the price with organic trades. That means you can cash money and no need even to sell off our token.
    Try it out , it's surly worth a try

  • What is the difference between multi chain and simple block chain and wrapped tokens?

    I simple block chain set up your project get traded on one block chain only. It's based there and only swap able inside the block chain system.
    With a wrapped token you can purchase on different block chains your project. The token is wrapped and sold to the lead price on the original block chain but never on the respected block chain autonomously traded.
    With an multi chain set up we change that. And the natural occurring price differences you can balance with the cross chain system and earn 100% safe with arbitrage trades your extra plus.
    Basically you can split the project in parts and deploy them separate as unique projects into the respected block chain and let interact through a cross chain pool.

  • Where you see multi chain is future?

    Multi chain i see as THE future. In the last year's we was focusing on building more and more chains and tools into the chains and devided the community and markets in boxes. It's hard to trade outside the box. We wanna change that. In our view cross chain access is the future since it's the key to combine the block chains to one ecosystem in itself. Like this we will have a stronger and more interoperable market to come. We wanna go back to the big family communitys in the start of crypto days. Since we all looking for more adoption our view is that we best reach it when we combine the best of the market and projects into one. The future will show if this strategy works out but we are very optimistic in this topic. Anyway we wanna lead in this space and be an ambassador for more projects to use the bridging technology.

  • Multi chain is safe?

    Yes and no. Many hacks happening in bridging systems, get exploited from Hackers or worst.
    We are prowd to work with our partner Autobahn together another German project, who will facilitate us with the best and safest protocols right now in the market. We working near with Autobahn together to facilitate best cross chain experience and we will integrate our own cross chain pools into our dapp system. We will be pioneer here as well and the first project to do so since Autobahn provides us exclusive and with there open source codes upfront

  • C - passive income streams

  • What passive income streams Quick Buck offer?

    What passive income streams Quick Buck offer?
    High stabel coin reflection for who ever holds more than 50k QBK Or 100 dollar worth. We will adjust over time the amount of tokens to be always near the 100 dollar mark.
    High APY/APR staking pools
    Vip Staking pools
    LP farming
    Cross chain LP farming
    Arbitrage trades in Quick Buck ecosystem
    Revenue Airdrops from our start up partners
    NFT reflections

  • How I find the right investment for my needs?

    With the right risk assessment for your personal needs and trading behavior.
    We have different categories of investment tools. Each with his own risk category.
    Low risk is just holding our token and earn with that a share of our stabel coin reflection we offer and if you participate in our DAO utility community votes you will be edible for start up revenue airdrops.
    Medium risk would be our staking and farming pools since you have to deal with impermanent loss eventuality.
    High risk involves our start up utility, since we will offer a private sale portal, first of it's kind in the crypto space but we will do a German style vetting process what will guarantee much more safer high risk investments.

  • What is staking?

    Like a lot of things in crypto, staking can be a complicated idea or a simple one depending on how many levels of understanding you want to unlock. For a lot of traders and investors, knowing that staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies is the key takeaway. But even if you’re just looking to earn some staking rewards, it’s useful to understand at least a little bit about how and why it works the way it does.

  • What is farming in lp pools?

    LP Farming is not without its risks and it's absolutely something people should do their own research on. It's more risky than straight up staking, but the corresponding rewards can also be greater if you understand what you're doing.

    We HIGHLY recommend that everyone who's going to jump into LP Farming does some investigation. Here's a great article on the matter to get you started: https://www.bsc.news/post/connecting-metamask-wallet-to-the-binance-smart-chain

  • What is farming in cross chain pools?

    Incentives for community-sourced bridge liquidity as everyone can earn part of the protocol incentive or bridging fees from the Liquidity Mining Pools.

  • What is arbitrage trade and how I can take part?

    Arbitrage the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset. In our situation is the different block chains we are in with the same Contracts. So you balance the price between the block chains with swap and trade of our token. Price difference profits (always check and calculate the gas fees into your trades)

    D - web3 start up utility portal

  • D - web3 start up utility portal

  • What is a DAO?

    A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), sometimes called a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC),[a] is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government, in other words they are member-owned communities without centralized leadership.[1][2] A DAO's financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain

  • What does the web3 start up utility portal?

    It funds on one side brilliant start up ideas, let the community vote what the team will partner and Invest and on the other side create a pool of early community investor's who will have a relatively safe high risk investment pool. That's totally new in the market and we are happy to lead this space. We wanna create a win win situation for project owner and early investor that both will come good along.

  • How can I vote for ideas to deliver?

    You can first of all vote in many community related events in our social media's and decide with the community the direction of our development.
    Most important will we our DAO governed start up portal. You can vote for ideas we will present over there and decide with the community what we will next focus on. You will be rewarded for your community engagement with regular partnership airdrops.

  • How I get benefits from participating in the DAO utility?

    You must have first of all 50k QBK or tokens worth 100 dollar to participate in the voting on our start up portal. Once your vote is counted you will. Be edible for the the next airdrop of partnership project token.

  • Can only holder participate in the Dapps on the portal?

    In the web3 start up portal will be two sections one will be the voting area and only accessible as holder of min. 50k QBK token or 100dollar worth token.
    The private sale Dapp will be available and accessible from any investor regardless if he is invested or not.
    Securitys back up for private sale purchase by project failure will be only available for QBK vip purchases.

  • E - multifunctional NFTs

  • What are multi functional NFTs?

    NFTs with function as reflection of another token or share in another NFT. The ability to make them multi chain and integrates there for more easy going into partner project as real Estate or split stake funktions

  • Can we mind this NFTs?

    We can, you will not be able to since we will sell customized multi functionality NFT. Use cases for our NFTs is endless.

  • How we can stake this NFTs?

    You can do that as with normal tokens in regular staking pools. The difference is only that you will be able to choose your reflections and you can split your NFTs in parts. Let's say you buy a property in metaverse and use our nft to split your property in 10 unique shares. You can now stake the property in our pools and earn rewards on it. Isn't great?

  • What are my earnings from NFTs?

    That can be stabel coin reflections as well as NFT shares or any other customized rewards.

  • Why this new NFTs are so outstanding?

    Because we are the first who will do a so big variety of use cases , customized but still main stream enough to make it a trend. We looking forward to press the crypto adoption further forward with our innovation. For integration we looking continued for partner projects who wanna be a part of this revolution