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About Quick Buck

Quick Buck is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, vibrant and extraordinary community. We welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build Quick Buck into the best community in the crypto space.For every transaction in Quick Buck network a 10% fee is distributed to the holders as BUSD reflections. That means every buy and sell adds to your wallet BUSD rewards as passive income

Further to this Quick Buck aims to build a marketing arm of the token. By building a strong community on social media.

Quick Buck will look to offer marketing opportunities to other business and crypto tokens or this we will use our social media platforms as a marketing tool for business and projects and charge for this service and the profits from this will be split: 50% added to the marketing wallet and 50% to buy back and burn

Quick buck will partner with upcoming crypto start ups and help them with all needed tools to have a successful launch and beyond. We will check all projects and developers to the bone before we invest and support.

Contract : 0x8DFC845C8238c74B63D2dEC922C4C015f20b0e63



Stable coin reflection 25-35% APR

Staking & Farming

Expected earnings per month 35%-55%


Mukti functional NFTs
Rent NFTs to Metaverse 100-150% month


DAO start up Portal

Presale App 150-300% month

staking/compounding pool

VIP pool 2000-4000% APY


  • Stage 1 Q4-2021

    - Brainstorming

    - Concept Initialized

  • Stage 2 Q1-2022

    - Contract development
    - Founder Doxxing
    - Website and social media launched
    - Private sale
    - Whitepaper and website release
    - First Marketing push
    - Social media marketing
    - Ask Me Anything (AMA)
    - Airdrop and referal program

  • Stage 3 Q2-2022

    - 10% Burn before launch
    - Pancakeswap public launch
    - Dapp development
    - Dashboard development
    - Multi functionality NFT        development
    - NFT staking pool development
    - Home own cross chain swap development
    - Influencer Marketing
    - Building crosschain bridges
    - Development Dapp Dashboard
    - Partnership development
    - Listing in tokentrackers as CMC, CG, crypto.com, coinbase and others

  • Stage 4 Q3-2022

    - Regular development updates on weekly bases
    - Node purchase and accumulation
    - Cmc Airdrop
    - Cross chain start (migration and multi launch to BSC, ETH, MATIC, FTM and AVAX)
    - Home own staking pools live
    - VIP pools live
    - Multi chain/reflection dashboard live
    - Professional marketing push with top PR company
    - NFT Airdrop

  • Stage 5 Q3-2022

    - Project revenue investment (Merchandise store)
    - Multi functional NFTs live
    - NFT staking live
    - Cross chain swap live
    - Utility portal live
    - Utility Dapps live
    - Selection of first start up ideas through DAO portal
    - CMC Airdrop
    - Big marketing campaigns, wallpaper, tech news, celebritys, huge call groups, ect.
    - Sponsorship program
    - Special partnership announcement regarding our NFT integration in the Metaverse
    - NFT marketplace development
    - First Dex listing
    - Total stabel coin reflection payed to our holders surpass 1 million dollar

  • Stage 6 Q4-2022

    - First utility start up live

    - NFT marketplace live
    - Customized multifunctional NFT integration into Metaverse
    - First hackaton event
    - Cross chain Education
    - Total reflection payed to our holders surpass 2 million dollar
    - Twitter and telegram surpass 50k members
    - Tier two DEX listing
    - Christmas giveaways
    - Christmas pools live
    - Huge CMC Airdrop
    - 2023 TBA


BUSD reflections will be auto distributed through the contract in Binance peg BUSD token. These will be shown in our Dapp dashboard after you connect your wallet to same. You will find the amount of QBK token in your wallet, BUSD reflections to be distributed, total of all reflections distributed to your wallet as well as the amount of all reflections distributed to all holders ever. To participate you need a minimum amount of 50’000 QBK tokens in your wallet. If you want to manually trigger your reflections, you will be able to claim them any time but need to pay the gas fees attached to the transaction. Auto distributions will be free of gas fees but will be reflected after a minimum amount is reached.

2 billion total supply

100% Fair Launch
NO Team Wallets
NO Project Wallets
We only earn on taxes


6% - development/partnership

6% of all transaction will be allocated for our project development. Since we having a fair launch and no project or team token allocated. We will need to build up project revenue with this funds. Staking and farming pools are here included.

4% - BUSD Reflections

4% – of all transactions (buys/sells) will be auto distributed as reflections to all holders, holding minimum 50,000 QBK. We will build a Dapp dashboard to be transparent to the bone

2% - Product Development

2% – of all transactions (buys/sells) are allocated to fund the product development as Dapps, web design, partnership pools, start up investments.

2% - Marketing

2% – of all transactions (buys/sells) are allocated to fund the marketing and development of revenues streams for the project.

2% - Auto Liquidity Pool

2% of all transaction (buy/sales) contribute towards automatically generating liquidity. This helps to build stability in the price in long run and ensure buy and sell trade can be completed

1% - Burn

1% Auto burn is a solid function to rise automatically your token value. Long term holders are benefitted most with this function, since the token value steady increases over time.

After multi chain migration

After multi chain migration, it will be lowered tot 12%. Reflections 10%, Auto LP 1%, Marketing 0.5%, Product development 0.5%


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  • What is Quickbuck

    Quick Buck is a multi block chain and multi stable coin, reflection project. The base is a variety of passive income streams like very high stabel coin reflection, staking and farming combined with an innovative and first of it's kind utility what is governed DAO and deals with start ups and there early stage funding.
    This all based on 5 different major block chains. To make the project so attractive as possible. With the cross chain launch, investors will have the possibility of arbitrage trades between the respected block chains we launching on.

    We will build an web3 portal where holders can decide what our utility/project will invest in and there for what ideas and future projects we support and partner up.
    On top of that we will build an Dapp what will facilitate any random investor to purchase early stage sales as seed or private sales on our platform.
    All maximum secure for both, investors and project developers since we will use a German style vetting procedure for selection of our partners.

    One trendsetting utility we are developing is or multi functional NFTs and the staking of them in our pools.
    It will include functions like reflections, earn mechanism or other functionality for meta verse or P2E integration. We are planning a real live asset use as well. But that's still early planning stages. We will partner for every integration with projects who are specialist on this field to guarantee always a pitch advance against the rest of the market.

  • Who is the Team behind Quick Buck and what is there experience in crypto space?

    Our Core Team is made of 5 members. Our full Quick Buck Team includes at the moment 14 members, tendency rising.

    Mathias is the Founder and CEO of Quick Buck. He is German and an typically one. He have multiple years of experience in the crypto market. Started in early days of BTC as an crypto Entusiast and trader later on. He worked over the past 2 years in multiple big and medium size crypto projects in there respected core teams in different positions. Partner, Brainstorming and Concept Design, CCO, CMO are only a few positions.
    Denny is our CTO in Quick Buck. He is from Canada East Coast. He started as crypto Entusiast but educated steadily with the growing crypto market. He worked in many Core Teams in positions of CMO, CTO and he been Partner as well. With his expertise in technical as well as marketing questions he is an integral part of any project he worked for.
    Frederick is our Community lead He is from South Afrika. His crypto career is the shortest of our Team ( about two years) but he does an amazing job in the community. Is it his communication skills or customer service, shill management or his overall engagement he know how to lead. Zaraki is our web3, Dapp and contract developer He is based in Greece. His crypto career dares back to the earl founding days of BTC. He is an absolute to programmer and an Urgestein in the scene. We are very happy to have him on board. He will guarantee our professional and absolute safe infrastructure.

  • What's the motivation for starting this project?

    We wanted to bring a more safe, high risk investment platform in DAO governance modus on the market since there is obviously lack in the market regarding this.
    We experienced a few start ups in multiple projects we worked in and also know the perspective of an usual investor. We aim to bring them nearer together and fix a little the risk factor in such investments for the investor and create an early community interest to such projects we partner and invest in. These projects get entirely choosen from our holders on an dedicated web3 platform with integrated Dapps for the public as well.
    This concept is absolute innovation and there for needed get backed up with a more traditional passive income system what is build on project revenues. We offer traditional Staking and Lp Farming, cross chain Farming and the possibility for arbitrage trades within our ecosystem. That's all rock solid income ways with different risk categories.
    All that we build on a back of very high stabel coin reflection in multiple leading block chains simultaneously.
    And to fit a little into the trendsetting part we will develop multi functional NFTs with staking possibility.
    All made to give you the most possible safe investment with reasonable but high APR and APY rates.
    Innovation not stops in a political or economic crisis, it develops faster and stronger than in usual times. Anyway, our aim is to benefit both sides of the crypto market. And wanna push with our concept towards multi chain adoption and NFTs for real life use! 

  • What is the role of token in your ecosystem?

    Our token will be used as investment tool, in our passive income pools, to participate in our DAO platform, book our services and products we sell and after all with the planned crypto debit card we will offer to buy all products and services you can purchase with visa card. Further use cases are in development...